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Precision Pain Management


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Your Step-by-Step Plan to Pain Freedom:

Personalized Evaluation -> Precision Treatment -> Pain Freedom

Providing Better Answers for Pain without Narcotics

At Precision Pain Management, each patient is treated based on their personalized, individual diagnosis and evaluation. Our mission is to provide pain solutions directed at the source of the patient’s pain, through treatments and procedures, as opposed to providing patients with narcotic medicines that mask pain, do nothing to address the source of the pain, and have numerous side effects.

What We Treat

Headaches & Migraines  •  Musculoskeletal Pain  •  Neck & Back Pain  •  Vascular Pain  •  Neuropathic Pain  •  Foot & Ankle Pain  •  Compression Fractures

Topical Treatment Technology

  • Applied Directly to area of pain
  • Ease of use: Patches and Creams applied to skin
  • May avoid side effects associated with many pain medications
  • Covered by most insurances

Insurance Plans

Most insurance plans are accepted at Precision Pain Management, including:

Medicare  •  Tricare  •  Blue Cross Blue Shield  •  Aetna  •  Cigna  •  Healthchoice  •  Humana